Interesting and excellent real world examples

How to select the appropriate chart type

Many people have created many useful tools for selecting the correct chart type for a given dataset or question. The Financial Times has an excellent diagram that shows what kind of charts are appropriate for which kinds of data you have:

Here are some other fantastic resources too:

  • The Data Visualisation Catalogue: Descriptions, explanations, examples, and tools for creating 60 different types of visualizations.
  • The Data Viz Project: Descriptions and examples for 150 different types of visualizations. Also allows you to search by data shape and chart function (comparison, correlation, distribution, geographical, part to whole, trend over time, etc.).
  • From Data to Viz: A decision tree for dozens of chart types with links to R and Python code.
  • The Chartmaker Directory: Examples of how to create 51 different types of visualizations in 31 different software packages, including Excel, Tableau, and R.
  • R Graph Gallery: R code for over 400 ggplot graphs.
  • Emery’s Essentials: Descriptions and examples of 26 different chart types.

General resources

Visualization in Excel

Visualization in Tableau

Because it is focused entirely on visualization (and because it’s a well-supported commercial product), Tableau has a phenomenal library of tutorials and training videos. There’s a helpful collections of videos here, as well.